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For me, being vegan is a continual journey. Every day I find out something new about the things I use in my ordinary daily life. I am interested in finding new ways to enhance the vegan-friendliness of my life through the products I use, eat, wear or otherwise consume. I would love for everything I use to be as vegan as possible, from dish soap to makeup, to the shoes I wear, to my hair care products, and everything in between. I hope to share with you information about what I try and what I discover along the way.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vegan Shrimp from Sophie's Kitchen

I have been excited about trying some of the vegan "seafood" from Sophie's Kitchen since I first read a press release about this product a long time ago. My husband, who eats vegan most of the time, still eats fish occasionally, and I was particularly interested in having him try some of the Sophie products as well.

The last time we were in Seattle, we popped into Whole Foods and were able to find a number of Sophie's Kitchen seafood items. We decided to try the breaded shrimp, and one night a couple of weeks ago, we cooked it up with some over fries and paired it with a nice green salad for a tasty comfort-food meal.

The shrimp are soy free and the primary ingredient is konjac powder, which comes from a low calorie high fiber plant, that helps created a texture that is very reminiscent of seafood. (BTW the non-breaded shrimp are also wheat and gluten-free.)

When you stop to think about the pollution in our oceans, the high mercury concentrations found in seafood today, the dangers to our environment as a result of over-fishing, there are a number of good reasons for consuming less seafood even if you aren't vegan. And if you are looking for a tasty alternative, Sophie's Kitchen has a lot to offer!

I can't wait to try their other products and I only wish we could get them locally here in Bellingham. I hope to write to the Co-op and see if it is something they could start carrying. My husband and I were both impressed with the vegan shrimp, and I encourage you to try it if you get the chance!


  1. Looks interesting. Though I was just wondering why the breading on the package looks like a different style than what was contained in the box? I will definitely have to try this out. Being that I eat vegan and seafood (and being a shrimpaholic) I am more than curious about this. I wonder how the non-breaded ones would taste in a thai curry?

  2. I am curious to hear what you think of these!

    The difference in the breading could be the lighting in my photo, who knows.

    I thought they were pretty tasty and wish the co-op would start carrying them!

  3. I just had them tonight and they are quite good. It has been years since I've had fish and these were a perfect substitute. Next time I will make some vegan tartar sauce. Wish my co-op carried the vegan fish fillets

  4. I know--I wish my co-op carried any of the Sophie's products! I want to try them all! I hope to stock up next time I am in Seattle or Vancouver.

  5. Hurrah! Sophie's Kitchen products are now available in Bellingham at The Market on Lakeway!

  6. The breaded vegan shrimp are also gluten-free now. Still as tasty as ever--this is one of my all-time favorite things to eat!!!

  7. Sophie's Kitchen vegan seafood is now available once again in Bellingham at Safeway on Sunset! http://www.veganinbellingham.com/2015/07/sophies-kitchen-vegan-seafood-is-safeway.html